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Welcome to Reiki4all.net - but please remember that this web site does not claim to hold the only and absolute truth. It will remains forever open to the revision of higher truth.

This web-site was created to promote well-being through Reiki and other holistic methods often used in conjunction with Reiki. It is constantly under development and any suggestions about the content is appreciated.
We also like to stress that Reiki is not a religion.

Let the results of what you do guide you to what is the right path for you.
The site is maintained by Reiki Master's Viviana & Peter Ã…kerlund.

Our lineage: Mikao Usui (1865-1926), Chujiro Hayashi (1878-1940), Hawayo Takata (1900-1980), Phyllis Furumoto, Carol Farmer, Leah Smith, William Lee Rand, , Lee McGroty, John Buchanan, Kenneth Roberts, Viviana Ã…kerlund

Enjoy your journey!
Viviana & Peter
Please note that nothing in these pages are intended to constitute medical advice. Consult your physician for medical advice and treatment.
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